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</div>I didn't say which Monday.  I also didn't actually write anything.  But at least there are a pile of images to look through, some of which have even been titled & described.  I am working on this, I promise:-)

OK, MONDAY I'll post my first Turkiye entry.

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I just downloaded all my Day 1 photos to Flickr, but now I am out of time. I did have quite the fun and productive Sunday (following the mellow and not-all-that-productive-from-the-standpoint-of-personal-activity Saturday). I must say that the hiking trails by NCAR are kind of awesome, even if Fern Canyon is really more a More Large Rocks Like Any Other Canyon Than Ferns Per Se Canyon. But there are some nice shady and green spots along Mesa Trail. Anyhow, that, plus amazingly sleeping in until 9, plus an afternoon MoveOn meeting on campaign events, plus imminent Mass, plus following Rock Band, means not much non-rushed writing time today. So... tomorrow. Really.

Teh Rumorzz = True

Yes, I like to hold off on big announcements.  For whatever reason, advance notice seems to make catastrophes bubble up from the quantum whathaveyou.  F'rinstance, after initially planning to make this trip two weeks ago, I received a lovely addition to my needed brakework that tripled the cost, hence the delay.   And my health has not been so great for a month or so, but after lots of research it's almost definitely nothing more than anxiety about making this big move back.

So: Moab today, Arches this afternoon/evening and tomorrow morning, and Denver tomorrow afternoon/night.   For reals, and hopefully for good.

I'll be seein' most of y'all sometime soon.


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This is not the convention update, but the post convention update.   Short version: I did not get a stadium ticket, but did march yesterday wit hthe Iraq Vets Against  the War and today got to meet Rep. Robert Teh Awesome Wexler.  And if you were not downtown at least once this week, you missed out.  It was full of people and energy, I mean much more than usual.  

I'll be draggin Joneses to Common Grounds for Etc. and Coffee Friday night.  Saturday I am open if peeps are around and/or about.  Right now I'm at uncle's where family is assembling to watch Obama's acceptance speech.


Because if it's been more than a year, it's like an update, but it can't reasonably be called one.  

Life: up and down.  All I've been doing is paying off debt, trying to get this house and yard into some semblance of home-eostasis, attempting to enable my mom's technical aptitude settings, devouring and spreading politics, and struggling in my relationship, which is in a state of indeterminate hiatus.   As is often the case, it's complicated and sad.  However, as much as all of these things may stress me out, I usually manage to come to peaceful terms with them when necessary to restore personal balance.  So I'm going to count that as doin' alright, all things considered.

And while I have often been guilty of already being half asleep when it occurs to me to check in on LJ, it's important to say that I will be in town for the DNC from the 24th thru the 30th (leaving the 31st).   So at the very least I will be at G&C on Friday the 29th, barring debilitating tear gas inhalation or other such semiforseeable event.  I am flying in and may end up renting a car, but as I still hafta budget for a telephoto, I am likely busing it around town from my uncle's in Stapleton.

I hope all of you are doing well, and hugs and hellos to the new kids.  Welcome to Life, and congratulations on your excellent choice of parents:-)

Hope to see as many of you as possible soon!

update! part 1: the trip

Mmmmmmm, letting a month elapse without updating. It just makes the notion to update an ever-growing number of days that much daunt...ier. That's a word as of now.

This is the coolest July I have ever spent. Local temperatures have been generally below normal and precip has been up. It's quite like a wet late April in Denver or late February in Phoenix with the occasional muggy Midwestern day interspersed. I suppose it's much more like a cool Northeastern summer, but as it's new to me I can't say for sure. I refuse to speculate comparatively with Seattle at this time, but it has crossed my mind to do so.

You see why updating often requires a substantial block of time.

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Coming soon-ish: the next installment, Life in Canada and What is Going On?. Right now the Iraqis in Ottawa are celebrating their soccer victory via carhorns, and CBC is very good despite no Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!. Sounds Like Canada with its Summer Philosphy segment and anytime Sean Cullen is on are faves.

Off! to shower and finish laundry. (sung) And the Food of your choice will taake your li-ife to-nii-ee-ii-ee-iiiight!

That's Sean Cullen's fault.
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hitting the road in the mornin'!

All I have left to do is write CANADA OR BUST on the window.   Hmmm, perhaps that is the most legible location, but it's really most appropriate on, say, the tires and suspension.   

We will get into Denver sometime before the G&S party on Saturday, so no attempt at G&C for us.  The truck is quite loaded and we do not want to push ourselves too far on Day 1.   We will probably stop at Glenwood Springs Friday night.    So we will see people at the party!  And hang out afterwards to some extent!

For now, must shower and sleep!  

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It's that time

It's the 5th day of an even month... I must update!

I must also break out of my suboptimal update shcedule, but not tonight.

Update Upshot: there is a Plan.

This Plan calls for Heidi to study in Toronto for 1 year to acquire a graduate certificate in Wellness.   This cert will boost her employability dramatically and will ideally be the key to a job in the States, as a corporate or community wellness program director, or consultant, or some mix thereof.

So, in about two weeks she is flying here.  Then we will be driving my meager belongings (yeh meager this one time!) across the country, through Denver, Chicago & Toronto back to Ottawa, there to finish the process of moving us to Toronto by September 1.   We haven't nailed down our roadtrip itinerary, but I can issue a tentative Gin and Coffee declaration for June 22 (it might be safer to declare a Saturday version for the 23rd instead).   I am very much looking forward to showing Heidi some Denver in the short time we will be around and hope she will get to meet many of you special people:-)

As far as the move...  eeep!  I am in the process of searching for jobs and apartments.   I have been encouraged recently by Canadians who frequent my shop that believe I will be snapped up by Canadian employers, visa process be damned.  However, if anyone here knows anyone who could use a Joe as an employee, preferably in the eastern Toronto suburb of Scarborough where Heidi's college is, I need to get to know that person.  Same goes for anyone who might be renting an apartment in that area.   I am sure these three months will zoom by.

This is pretty much all that is going on, as there isn't room for anything else.  There is so much to do, but time to do it all.  Tomorrow I will be going through my preliminary apartment list and calling landlords for some basic info like acceptable move-in dates.   Wheee!

That is all for tonight.  Stay tuned for more frequent updates, and y'all be happy and well out there.
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A long awaited update

So if you haven't already, check my location.  2500 miles and ~50F from my usual place.  And why, why is Joe in Canada?

Her name is Heidi:-) :-) :-)

I have been here about a week of three, spending some real time with her.   We met on my email community in late July and have been Internet-together from October through early December, when she came to see me for a week and we really connected.   We aren't sure who is moving and when but we really want to be in the same place soon.   I don't know where to start in describing her but she is all things on the Great list, a global culturalist and a former Muslim for starters.  She doesn't like to hear how interesting she is, but it's true:-)

It is cold today (yes I know; I mean excessively, frostbite-warning cold) so I am staying indoors and catching up on puter stuff.  So take care y'all, and if there is anything anyone needs from Ottawa that isn't food or weapons or large, lemme know and I will see.

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